This project we will focus on two of the most important priorities of Strategy for European cooperation in education and training spanning until 2020 such as equality, social cohesion and active citizenship,  creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. As teachers, we strongly believe in the values of education being the fundamental means through which our students can develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them for integration in a growing EU under the umbrella “Unity in Diversity “.

The objectives of the project are:

·         To deal with having an equal right to education in different areas across Europe, integration people with different backgrounds, ethnic minorities, migrants/refugees

·         To tackle integration and inclusion and avoid early school leaving, because young people need to approach the learning process and acquire  of skills and competences in a flexible way

·         To offer the chance to increase motivation for learning among students from vulnerable groups – such as ethnic minority, religious minority, poor economical and social backgrounds, and immigrants

·         To create links between all kind of students in our schools and facilitate everyone access  to reciprocal knowledge

·         To increase awareness of the cultural diversity within Europe and as a result to become more tolerant and open minded towards other European cultures, and fight against xenophobia and racism

·         To develop language skills by being in contact with pupils from other countries

This project has European dimension by the collaboration between different `countries and by the new approaches of the inequality phenomena in schools knowledge of cultural values.